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Dr. Catherine Morley is a dietitian researcher-practitioner, educator, writer, film maker and textile artist.

Cath’s research interests are feeding a loved one who is sick (see blog) and food and eating issues of transgender and gender diverse people.


A sharing of abstracts, reports, and presentations stemming from Cath’s program of research.


Cath is interested in working with dietitians to enhance their skills and comfort in research methods, counselling, and evaluation.


After reading the blog, readers may be interested in a personal consultation.

Feeding a Loved One Who Is Sick


What and how one eats when living with illness or when preparing food for someone who is sick is often one of the only ways one can feel they have some control in situations where many things are out of one’s control. That, in itself, is sufficient to produce anxiety. 

My intention is to make these experiences less stressful. By deconstructing the complexities of eating and feeding at ‘normal’ times, and then how these change with changed health status, readers will be able to assess their own situations, have a clearer idea about what is happening and why they feel the way they do about food and eating, and make a plan of action to minimize uncertainty.

Heart in Pablum
Cath Morley directing

Meet Catherine Morley


Interests are feeding loved ones who are sick, feeding and eating in caregiving, transgender and gender diverse food/nutrition/eating issues, nutrition counselling skill development, dietetics history, dietitians’ research participation and skill development, the arts in nutrition/dietetics education and practice, and critical dietetics.