Feeding a Loved One Who is Sick

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My goal with this blog is to provide insights into why eating, a familiar life-sustaining activity that we undertake several times a day, can be so emotional and, at times, emotionally challenging, not only for the person who is living with illness, also their caregivers and all the others who care about and for them.

What and how one eats when living with illness or what preparing food for someone who is sick is often one of the only ways one can feel they have some control in situations where many things are out of one’s control. That, in itself, is sufficient to produce anxiety.

My intention is to make these experiences less stressful. By deconstructing the complexities of eating and feeding at ‘normal’ times, and then how these change with changed health status, readers will be able to assess their own situations, have a clearer idea about what is happening and why they feel the way they do about food and eating, and make a plan of action to minimize uncertainty.

Feeding a Loved One Who Is Sick

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Feeding a Loved One Who Is Sick


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