These are images of my work and that of students. 

Dietary Cacophony: A closer look at the wall hanging
Dietitians as Artist at DC conference
Dietitian As Artist
Not At The Table
Not at the Table
Slaves to Biology Tapestry
Bound to Biology
Unhinged open
student radio play
Student Radio Play
sorting through labels
Sorting through labels
A to G for ADHD
A to G Nutrition Assessment Parameters for ADHD
1990s dance tune and food
1990s Dance Tune and Food Samples in Nutrition Education
health and economics in NL
Health and Economics in NL
traumatized pancreas in nutrition ed lab
Traumatized Pancreas in Nutrition Ed Lab
OFFENN interpretation
Organizational Framework for Exploring Nutrition Narratives interpretation
shaking spoon for Parkinsons
Shaking Spoon
premature infant feeding
Feeding premature infants
Nutrition needs in ballet
Nutrition Needs in Ballet
performance on homelessness
Performance on Homelessness
Living with Lupus
Living with Lupus
giant leek dream sequence
Giant Leek Dream Sequence
blenderized tubefeeding in children
Katie’s Blenderized Tubefeeding
Digestive System with Buttons
Button Gastrointestinal Tract